Increased Engine Oil Longevity in Gas Engine Generating Plant

For some time now Delta-Xero has been working with Enovert in real-world testing of the Delta-Xero Power Train system for offline filtering of landfill gas engine oil.

The purpose of these trials has been to establish precisely how long engine oil can be made to last without adversely affecting its ability perform its key functions of lubricating, protecting, cooling, and cleaning the engine’s main components.

The latest independently verified laboratory analysis results show that the oil’s life has been extended by 7.2 times or to put it another way, the number of oil exchanges per year has reduced from approximately 48 to 7.

In an engine that requires approximately 500 litres of oil at every change the implication for gas engine owners and operators is clear.

  • New oil saving of 20,500 l/year.
  • Oil disposal saving of 20.500 l/year.
  • Labour cost reduction associated with 41 exchanges/year.
  • Plant downtime reduction associated with 41 exchanges/year.
  • Carbon footprint reduced by about 45,100 kg of CO2/year.

The cost of installing and running the system on an engine such as that used in the study (The DX1006-T-C-PT) shows ROI of circa £80,000 in the first year based on the figures above for the engine in question a CAT 3516. In the years that follow the ROI is circa for £68,000/year.

What has not been factored in in this article is the extended meantime between component failure which will dramatically change the ROI for the good and will result in savings way in excess of those based on oil alone.

Improving the engine oil not only protects the components in the engine’s sump, but also those in the combustion chamber. The bypass of burnt engine oil into the combustion chamber can lead to heavy varnishing of pistons, rings, cylinders valves and valve guides leading to catastrophic failures as shown in the images below.

Of course, there are larger engines and smaller engines than the one in this study. There are different oils, different fuels and different oil exchange intervals, all of these play a part. Whatever the combination that you own or operate if you would like to find out more then please click on this link and complete the Gas Engine Information Survey.

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