Schaltbau: DC power under control

Schaltbau manufacture DC Power Contactors, Connectors and Switches and after decades of supplying product into the rail sector also now develops and manufactures forward-looking DC products for industry, energy and the mobility of tomorrow.

Schaltbau have created a range of contactors to support the rapid developments in vehicle electrification and Hybrid/Electric Battery Vehicles. This includes compact contactors designed to operate up to 1000VDC whilst minimising the internal resistance and enabling the passing of currents up to 500A. Key to these eV focused contactors is the development of robust and reliable solutions capable of operating in environments where short circuits and overcurrents can occur. Schaltbau have avoided the use of enclosed, gas filled, encapsulated enclosures by developing air cored devices allowing superior thermal management and removing the potential for catastrophic failure of the device.

Beyond the current 400-800 VDC requirement of passenger vehicles, Schaltbau have also developed higher voltage and current solutions for larger vehicle electrification applications from excavators to mining trucks and busses to trains with the CP contactor range taking the capabilities up to 3000VDC and 2000A.

Alongside contactors for use within eVs, is the need for contactors within the charging infrastructure required to charge the vehicles. Here Schaltbau have developed robust and reliable industrial contactors including the 1000VDC 500A C310 family of contactors and the 1500V 1000A C320 range. These contactors are Bi-Directional allowing future developments of Vehicle to Grid architectures as well as contactors with even more power ready for the Megawatt Charging System requirements.

Behind any eV charging infrastructure is both AC and DC Power Distribution, Energy Storage and Standby Power Solutions. Here too Schaltbau have contactors designed and developed for the switching and isolation of energy as required. These include the 3 pole AC/DC CF contactors and pre-charge R400 family and more.

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