Green tech solutions company Changeover Technologies looks set to revolutionise industry and carbon-dependent manufacturing sectors with its breakthrough ‘waste harvesting’ technology.

After five years of R&D the company has developed a two-step process which takes carbon waste material and transform it into a high-quality carbon reductant pellet — a greener source of raw material for use as a reductant in the recycling steel and silicon production processes.

COP27 closed with the clear understanding that there is no silver bullet to tackle climate change. A wide range of solutions are required to help manage CO2 emissions, at national level and within industry. Industrial production generates 24% of the world’s greenhouse gases so it is essential that these businesses play their part in the journey towards net zero.

Currently, producing carbon reductants for steel, as well as refining raw materials for the silicon industry produces high volumes of waste, in some cases up to 40 per cent. Changeover Technologies has developed a unique patented solution to reuse discarded fine particle waste, turning it into greener carbon reductant pellets with a great economic value and lower CO2 emissions.

There are three significant benefits with this process:

  It permits the environmental clean-up of legacy waste.

  It prevents the creation of new waste.

  Improves production efficiency delivering commercial benefits.

The technology has undergone rigorous testing by independent laboratories across the UK; Cranfield University, UNIPER Energy Laboratories as well as DMT laboratories in Essen Germany in cooperation with British Steel confirming its suitability for high carbon consuming industries.

The silicon sector is a particular focus for Changeover Technologies. Silicon metal plays a vital role in the manufacture of solar panels, electric vehicles, wind turbines and computer chips, all of which have seen soaring demand in recent years as the world moves towards widespread adoption of green technologies. The innovative process Changeover Technologies offers can make a significant contribution in helping the silicon industry reduce its own carbon footprint as it supports consumers in reducing their carbon footprint.

The potential for this breakthrough technology is immense. The research behind it can be applied to many more industries and projects: including increasing the logistical efficiency of biomass torrefaction and charcoal utilised in both steel and silicon production. And the production of pellets created from electrical utility fossil waste ash combined with organic and agricultural wastes can then be used as soil enhancers in arid or desert regions.

The next step for the company is the commercialisation of their revolutionary process to deliver on a global scale. Supported by capital investors, it surpassed its intended crowdfunding goal of £500,000 late last year.

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