The Big Sustainability Expo 2022 set to Open for the 7th Year

Many of the most influential suppliers and decision-makers in the country will once again head to Hampshire this September for one of the UK’s leading events dedicated to corporate sustainability and the drive to net zero.

Green Business Journal caught up with organisers, The Southern Sustainability Partnership as they prepare to open The Big Sustainability Expo (Southampton) for the 7th year. A leading UK platform designed to highlight the importance of corporate sustainability and the drive towards net-zero carbon. With one of the most comprehensive line-ups of products, services, technologies, innovations and experts making their mark today.

A vital, free resource, the Expo offers practical advice and solutions from over 100 different exhibitors and two Keynote speaker theatres. In 2022 the Expo will open alongside two co-events: A clean transport showcase Big Green Wheels 2022 – and the Local Authority Collaboration Forum 2022.

Co-directors Anita Potten and Lynda Daniels left us in no doubt as to the importance of an environmental strategy to protect the future of our businesses. Having successfully run a company that supports the public and private sector in their quest to operate more responsibly – this duo has witnessed first-hand the loss of long-term business by organisations that have failed to prioritise this vital topic.

Anita Potten: Protecting your organisation is why we do what we do. Like us we have no doubt you’ve nurtured a culture of outstanding quality and customer service. It’s what we all strive to achieve. But that alone is no longer enough. With far greater scrutiny of the supply chain, we are now urging SMEs to look at what their customers are doing to reduce their own impact on the environment. Having witnessed the ripple effect through the supply chain, as one company is forced to clean up its act, so they refuse to jeopardise efforts by buying from a less responsible supplier themselves.

Lynda Daniels adds: We’ve all read the headlines. Large corporations playing their part in helping the planet. But what came first? Their company or saving the planet? Undoubtedly, their journey began with a need to meet environmental legislation, and it was from those early directives that corporations woke up to its significant benefits. Not least, enormous cost savings matched by increased profits gained from a more positive brand perception. And, of course, they are inevitably helping the planet.  So, please, view this as a positive. There are far-reaching benefits and no longer just within the confines of our large corporations.

The duo concurs, it starts with joined-up thinking between departments. Shining a spotlight on areas of operations that may have gone unscrutinised as a business grows. This should incorporate what comes into your businesses versus what goes out as waste. Clearer thinking that will see you keep more of those hard-earned profits. More centralised purchasing is a great move, it ensures you are less wasteful and may also provide stronger buying power. Track your energy data…what you use and where you use it – there are great tools out there today. You may be horrified to learn what you are using – even when the company is closed. Then, visit the Expo for ways to reduce energy and waste and so much more – it’s easier than you think.

The Expo prides itself on being one of the most comprehensive events in the UK calendar.  With the aim of covering as many different products, technologies, services, innovations and solutions as possible in order to help their UK-wide delegates meet their own project challenges.

No organisation is doing everything, they are keen to stress.  And no company has all the answers. But the answer right now is to begin to adopt your own environmental strategy. Step-by-step – this is a marathon not a sprint. Create your own journey with advice you can pick up on the day. One that has a well-defined, manageable framework and one that your business can hold accountable. This can still be achieved while considering the nuances of your industry sector and, very early on, they promise you will view this as less as a burden and more as a smart, effective way to run every business.

Their parting shot, they told us is to point out that this is a topic you cannot afford to ignore. It is embedding itself into every aspect of business today. It provides the ability to meet finance, funding, tender and stakeholder expectations. To meet new and existing customer expectations and attract the retain the best workforce. Start doing something now, they urge, shout about it on your literature, your website and on social media. Do it now before your customers ask the question no business wants to hear if it cannot meet their expectations. And your efforts will be richly rewarded with reduced running costs and more streamlined processes.

The Big Sustainability Expo opens on September 22nd at the home of premiership football club Southampton’s St. Mary’s Stadium, to a UK-wide audience that includes many of our largest corporations, SME’s, non-profit and charity. Together with our public sector local authorities, rail, MoD, NHS Trusts, universities and colleges.

The message is clear, you can no longer afford to ignore this topic, so educate yourself and your team. The event is FREE to attend for everyone.

2022 Expo

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