Sustainability of Hargassner Biomass Heating Systems

The brand Hargassner has been on the market for more than 38 years. With over 140,000 satisfied customers around the world, it has made a name for itself as a pioneer in environmentally friendly heating with renewable wood energy.

Heating carbon-neutrally

Hargassner stands for innovative, intelligent wood chip, pellet and firewood heating technology with the lowest emission values and the greatest efficiency. Therefore, the boilers of the company are becoming increasingly popular. Biomass is renewable, it is made of residual wood from domestic forests and wood from the sawmill industry. In turn, the local economy is boosted, and waste wood is recycled in a sustainable manner.

Boilers for every need

Modern biomass heating systems stand for cleanest combustion and highest efficiencies. Hargassner pellet boilers are available from 6 to 550 kW and cover the needs of small residential units, weekend homes, single-family homes, apartment buildings, hotels as well as small to big businesses. In addition to the pellet boiler series, Hargassner offers wood chip boilers ranging from 20 – 2500 kW with various burning technologies for various fuel specifications.

Log wood boilers are also available from 20 – 60 kW. Hargassner also offers a comprehensive range of accessories for heat storage systems, fuel storage, filling systems, filter technologies, etc.

Hargassner: permanent innovations

Intensive research has been carried out in recent years on the further improvement of Hargassner biomass heating systems: e.g., low electricity consuming components for our boilers and accessories. From the ignitor to the drives, it is vital for us to reduce the power consumption to a minimum by using high quality products and an optimized usage of those.

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