Climate resilience experts, Climate Sense, and water industry training provider, Learning & Development Associates (L&DA), have announced a free webinar on adaptation to climate change following the launch of their new qualifications.

The first step on a learning journey that will bring you to the first-ever approved professional qualification in understanding the management of climate change risk, the adaptation to climate change webinar answers the question: How can businesses become resilient to our changing climate?

During the webinar, Climate Sense and L&DA will explore this critical question and provide pragmatic answers. Highlighting how this is addressed through their new courses and qualifications.

Global warming is already changing our climate and will do so for decades to come. The human race must do everything it can to prevent our climate continuing to change so much, so rapidly and for so long. However, the sobering truth is that no matter what we do now, we can no longer ignore the fact that many of the decisions we make today will have to withstand a very different climate.

The risks and opportunities from a changing climate that we face are unique to each organisation. Thankfully, through the immense efforts of thousands of organisations globally, there are many lessons that can now be shared to help organisations understand how best they can respond, and how best they can support their businesses in that response.

Climate Sense and L&DA have developed the first ever professional qualification dedicated to climate change resilience. As global leaders in the field of adaptation to climate change and delivering outstanding vocational training and accreditation, they are delighted to offer this course to all businesses, of all sizes, and in any sector.

This free webinar will equip participants with a practical understanding of why it is important for specific businesses to become adaptive to a changing climate, as well as what they can do about it. Focussing upon how an organisation can benefit from engaging with this critical agenda, how participants can support their organisation in doing so, and how they can develop their own professional portfolio for future career development.

With high-demand anticipated, those interested in attending Climate Sense and L&DA’s webinar are encouraged to secure their booking as early as possible.


More information on the new qualifications can be found at

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