Cut your energy costs today with Emtec

Invest in renewable energy now and your business could lock in substantial savings for at least the next 25 years, is the advice of Chris Clark, MD, Emtec Energy.

Hefty energy bills are causing shockwaves through industry.

“There’s an absolute urgency about the need to cut costs, with some businesses spending thousands (if not millions) of pounds each month on electricity alone,” Chris says.

“Many leading companies do have huge ambitions around Net Zero and carbon emissions, but the most pressing factor for business just now is the bottom line: cutting crippling costs through improved energy efficiency.”

Emtec Energy has seen huge advances in solar technology since its launch in 2011, and its solar PV systems are top sellers. But its sustainable solutions in battery storage, EV charging and energy monitoring have all seen a rise in demand.

Turnover has already tripled this year as new energy contracts start dropping into company mailboxes … and Chris predicts this is just the tip of the iceberg.

But navigating the maze of deals and suppliers on offer is daunting. So, how can industry offset costs efficiently and effectively?

Chris says: “It all depends on your appetite for payback. Firstly, our team will analyse your energy consumption data, building performance, operations and system requirements, before drawing up a tailormade solution to meet your exact needs.”

The good news is that companies can typically expect payback on renewable technology within four to six years (based on 100 per cent rates of consumption).

Emtec funding is broken down into three main options:

CapEX, where the client pays for the installation, and has total control over the system and electricity generated.

Solar PPA, a power purchase agreement where the technology is installed free of charge. Cheaper rates of electricity are guaranteed (around a third of the cost from your current supplier), with no upfront costs.

Leasing, which provides the equipment at no upfront cost for a 15-year period. The fixed monthly payments are lower than the current cost of electricity from the energy supplier (conditions apply). Reimbursement is given if the system produces less than guaranteed.

Chris adds that cash incentives are also available. For instance, super deduction tax for installation of solar PV offers 130% first-year tax relief on main rate investments, such as solar panels. Find out more at

 The Scottish government is also offering interest-free loans of up to 100k to help SMEs pay for energy and carbon-saving upgrades, plus cashback grants of up to £20k. More information at

Chris adds, “Technology is improving all the time, but you can already expect an asset life of around 25 years. This adds up as five years’ payback and 20 years’ profit.

“In effect, a company can generate its own green electricity for the next 25 years at today’s installation cost. This works out at a fraction of buying electricity in today’s market.”

Many of Emtec Energy’s clients are local authorities and private high-energy user clients around the UK.

“When we meet up with a client, solar is often recommended as a first easy step but then, depending on variables like manufacturing process and logistics, we work closely with them on the next best steps forward.

“Decarbonisation is a continuous journey; we don’t just install and walk away. Your electricity usage today will be completely different in three years’ time, so there’s no one ‘quick fix’.

“Companies face a very challenging energy environment, but thankfully there’s a real appetite for change, and Emtec Energy is here to help you adapt and grow.”

Visit for its full range of award-winning, sustainable services. Emtec Energy is part of the Emtec Group, a leading contractor in the building services sector.

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